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Working Daze
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Twitter !!!
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Kate Winslet Traumatized by Hamsters !!!
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Kate Winslet was traumatized when her pet hamster ate its babies.

The Oscar-winning actress has revealed how she was left suffering from repetitive nightmares as a child after her family refused to listen to veterinary advice and her furry pet killed its offspring.

“When I was a kid, one of our hamsters suddenly gave birth — we didn’t even know she was pregnant,” Kate told Empire magazine.

“We phoned the pet shop and they said, ‘Take the babies away — hamsters get very frightened after they’ve given birth and you don’t want her to eat the babies.’

“We didn’t listen and that’s exactly what happened. This obviously affected me badly as I had a recurring dream about hamsters gobbling up their babies until I was about 15.”

Have you ever been traumatized by something?
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The 20 Funniest Figure Skating Faces !!!

Palestinians Dress Up as Na'vi During Protest !!!
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A couple weeks ago, a controversial comparison between the plight of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation and that of the Na'vi people featured in the hit movie "Avatar."

On Friday, Palestinians in the West Bank dressed up as the blue natives of the planet Pandora for their weekly protests against the Israeli occupation.

At first protesters look like they're having fun.

But the Na'vi costumes failed to impress the Israeli soldiers, who fired teargas at them.

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The Na'vi man covers his head with a plastic bag as tear gas is fired.

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Demonstrators dressed as figures from the movie Avatar react after inhaling tear gas
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Your Guide To Men's Scarve !!!

Classic Flip


The Parisian Knot (My favorite)


Loose Double Flip


Loose Once Around Knot


Traditional way


Modern Knot


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Barbie goes Gaga
Lady Gaga is already available in cupcake and cookie form, now she's out in plastic too! With Gaga Barbie you'd never run out of dress up options again, right?

29-year-old designer Lu Wei Kang, from Beijing, has spent the past year creating miniature Gaga-inspired outfits for his Barbie collection and now he hopes to market his designs worldwide. Below are pictures of some of his collection.

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Julia Roberts Paid $3 Million for 6 Minutes of Screentime in "Valentine's Day" !!!

New Line Cinema paid Roberts $3 million up front against 3 percent of the gross for what is little more than an extended cameo. That comes out to an astonishing $8,333 per second of screen time, or roughly $500,000 a minute. Verbally, it's a minimum of $11,952 per spoken word, the movie has grossed on its first three days approximately 52 millions, I guess that Julia Roberts was the main reason most people watched "Valentine's Day".
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Your Dose of Photoshop Disaster !!!
Surprisingly Craig David !!!

Is it just me who sees that someone has misplaced and disfigured his head, doesn't he look like a white Jew now ? Seriously if you're considering using this one to promote your upcoming album, please DON'T !!!
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A Lady Gaga Post !!!
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This is so hilarious !!! I was checking what really pops up whenever you Google Lady Gaga's name and I was taken by a surprise of the outcomes !! People need to use 'willy' more often.